EITAX Vertex O series

At EIT we believe that there is gap between the needs of the business sector and the applications of the technology world. At EIT we pride ourselves on "Getting it Right" which means completing projects on time, every time and on budget. As a small organization EIT is dedicated to providing our customers with the client service, attention to detail, and satisfaction that is sometimes lost in a larger organization.

EIT is staffed by former "Big Four" consultants that on average, have at least ten years of experience working in the IT industry. We can say with confidence that our staff will provide you with the professionalism, integrity, and experience you expect from a large "Big Four" Consulting firm, but without the price tag. Our consultants represent the highest levels of training and performance. Our consultants hold a variety of software certifications; such as Project Management Institute (PMI), Vertex certification as Tax Decision Maker (TDM) specialists, Computer Information Systems Auditors (CISA) and system automation experts. The EIT consultant team is not only expertly trained in your tax software products, but will customize their approach to your specific industry and business needs.

That is why our team is built with a dual purpose.

Ø  Our primary purpose is technology. EIT will make your technology decisions simple and hassle free. Our specialist will optimize your implementation, automation, and integration of your tax software system, saving you precious time and eliminating potential tax penalties. We have been involved in Vertex QA projects where we review the current setup and communication between the ERP system and Vertex. We review all aspects of the Vertex application setup and provide feedback to clients on "best practices" as well as a QA Audit review of the application.

Ø  Our secondary purpose is client satisfaction. The EIT team will communicate with your Tax, Business, Information Technology, and other integral departments as necessary to ensure that your tax software system and ERP system meet your specific business needs.

Our consultants have experience working across a variety of business sectors, including Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Automotive, Technology, Leasing and Pharmaceutical industries. EIT consultants will provide customized solutions that are flexible, accurate and driven by the utmost spirit of collaboration. Regardless of project size, complexity and process development our professionals will meet deadlines and expectations by fostering communication and working partnerships. We take great pride in the satisfaction of our customers, by "Getting It Right" … every project, every time.


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